Global Monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) using Beached Plastic Resin Pellets.

Global Pollution Map:Sample Detail

sample ID : 22041203

sample ID 22041203
sampling date 2022/2/5
country United States(West Coast)
sampling location
(local name)
Huntington Beach,California, Irvine
lattitude , longtitude N 33° 42′ 37.512″ , W 118° 3′ 51.638″

Elania Hurst, Girl Scouts of Orange county


PCBs 126.5
DDTs n.a.
DDT n.a.
DDD n.a.
DDE n.a.
HCHs n.a.
Hopanes n.a.
PAHs n.a.
Heps n.a.
Hep n.a.
HepoxB n.a.
HepoxA n.a.
Chlordanes n.a.
trans n.a.
cis n.a.
Aldrin n.a.
Dieldrin n.a.
Endosulfan n.a.
PBDEs(Br3-Br7) n.a.
BDE209 n.a.